Monday, September 10, 2012

Project 1 - Cormack Innovation Awards

Focusing on a product or family of products within the beverage, food, personal care or pharmaceutical markets. Students are to submit a redesign of a current product/brand which is used by or for children under 11.
- Must incorporate a total pack.
- Products stating “for use to 12 years of age” will be accepted.
- Designs should be compliant and safe for children.
- A high‐volume fast‐moving consumer good.
- Contain at least one element of the closure system in plastic.
- The product/s to package should be available in supermarkets and/or pharmacies.
- Consider the cost of manufacture.
- New pack must help grow the company’s business and increase sales.
- Design should appeal to the major retailers as a strong potential product line for their “house brands”.
- Easy to use.
- Be “green” in their approach to manufacture: seek to reduce excess packaging where possible.
- Show innovation and benefit to the consumer.
- The design must comply with Australian Standards.


  1. Your design is very innovative. The ingenious inbuilt measuring system is a very practical solution to eliminate the problem of keeping track of a separate measuring device. The unscrewable, reusable lid seems to be an effective solution to a sustainable solution, where the amount of energy required within manufacture is reduced. My only suggestion is that the lid could be slightly deeper so that the dosage can be poured into it and consumed, eliminating the need for a separate vessel.

  2. The way you have incorporated this mechanism into your design is very innovative and i can see this product being very successful. Your graphics suit the age group great and however i think the shape of the bottle could be a bit more fun to further the emotional connection with the product. Overall i really like this design and see its potential.

  3. for this design the most aspect attract me is the graphic, i like it very much, also the cap is bigger than usual, so it is more easy for children and is it very good quantity control

  4. I think your design and graphics reflects your product purpose very well. It is playful without being over the top, as your product is a nutritional supplement and reflects your target audience very well. The measuring system is a very practical approach and is mess free and controlled, which I think is its greatest strength.