Friday, July 30, 2010

Shape of Scent

We were given a perfume and had to create a shape that represented that scent..from the initial hit of the smell through to the more subtle hints of scents discovered after a closer smell of the perfume.

The perfume our group was given was very much a floral scent. There was quite a sharp initial hit of fragrance which in some ways was very overpowering. After more observing of the scent it was clear that there were many different floral scents such as jasmine and rose. At the end there was also a sweetness from a subtle scent of vanilla.

The shape I ended up making was pointed at the top to represent the hit of fragrence which is quite sharp and over owering at first. This then becomes more complex as the experience of the scent progresses, with the three parts of the shape representing the different floral scents working in harmony. This ends in a bulbuss shape at the bottom, representing the sweetness of the vanilla.
I was not completly happy with how the actual making of the plasticine shape turned out, I struggled
in its construction as the plasticine kept falling apart.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Design Career

Design has always fascinated me. Even when I was a kid I would love to create things. Play-doh, Logo, paint, even sewing, I always loved to just play around with things and create. I know that the whole "I grew up loving design" thing sounds terribly cliche, but that's probably because it is so often true. I am simply just another case.

Another thing that I always found interesting was human behaviour. I have always been a people watcher, observing how people interact with each other, their environment, and the products they use everyday. I think that it is amazing how simple products can so heavily affect peoples behaviour and habits, enriching their lives sometimes without them even realising. When I first see something new I think it is so exciting to imagine how this could be used in the future to change the way people interact with each other, an environment or product.

I knew that I had to go into something in the design field. On a DT excursion to the Powerhouse Museum in year 11 a student from ID at UNSW spoke about the course. At this time I didn't think about it much as I wasn't really thinking about uni then. Later in year 12 when it came time to make decisions about uni I was throwing around a few ideas like architecture or interior design. I remembered about hearing about the industrial design course at UNSW and began to look into it further. I realised that this course seemed to cater fairly exactly to my interests and knew I had to have it as one of my top preferences. I knew that in the end I wanted to end up in some kind of design course at UNSW. I have for a while felt that UNSW could provide me with a quality of degree with recognition in the industry. I could have chosen to do this course at uni closer to where I live, but I always just knew that I wanted to go to UNSW.

I feel that as an industrial designer I will be able to create products which will enrich the lives of those it's designed for. I find it exciting to imaging what products the future will bring and I also feel exited that I will be able to be a part of that. Once I started the course I began to have more of an understanding of what it actually meant to be an industrial designer, and the varied fields of design that this degree can lead into. As I am sitting here in the Red Centre I can't help feeling I have made the right choice, both with the course I chose and the uni I chose to do it at.