Monday, September 10, 2012

Project 1 - Cormack Innovation Awards

Focusing on a product or family of products within the beverage, food, personal care or pharmaceutical markets. Students are to submit a redesign of a current product/brand which is used by or for children under 11.
- Must incorporate a total pack.
- Products stating “for use to 12 years of age” will be accepted.
- Designs should be compliant and safe for children.
- A high‐volume fast‐moving consumer good.
- Contain at least one element of the closure system in plastic.
- The product/s to package should be available in supermarkets and/or pharmacies.
- Consider the cost of manufacture.
- New pack must help grow the company’s business and increase sales.
- Design should appeal to the major retailers as a strong potential product line for their “house brands”.
- Easy to use.
- Be “green” in their approach to manufacture: seek to reduce excess packaging where possible.
- Show innovation and benefit to the consumer.
- The design must comply with Australian Standards.